First Canadian Health lancets are designed to minimize pain. Various gauges of lancets are provided to match your health needs.

First Canadian Health lancets are available from pharmacies and may be used with other lancing devices. A lancing device is also provided with your First Canadian Health SPIRIT Meter.

A First Canadian Health lancing device and starter pack of 10 First Canadian Health lancets are included with every First Canadian Health SPIRIT blood glucose meter.

Helpful advice for using lancets
  1. Do not share lancets with other people. Lancets are only sterile at the time of first use. Sharing lancets can result in transfer of bacteria and viruses between you and others.
  2. Store safely out of the reach of children.
  3. Dispose of your lancets in a sharps container. If you are being treated with insulin, you can dispose of your lancets in the same sharps container you use for your insulin needles and syringes.
  4. It’s best to use a new, sterile lancet each time you test for safety and prevention of infection (additional lancets are available in packs of 100).
Using your First Canadian Health lancing device
  1. Wash hands and fingertip sample site with soap and warm water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  2. Unscrew and remove the lancing device tip.
  3. Firmly insert a new lancet into the lancet holder. Hold the lancet firmly. Gently twist to pull off the protective disk. Save disk to recap lancet after use. Replace lancet device tip.
  4. Turn the adjustable tip until it is aligned with the load confirmation window and release button.
  5. Select a desired depth of one – to – seven (1-7) on the lancing device’s adjustable tip. Choose a depth by rotating the top portion of the adjustable tip until the setting number matches the arrow.
  6. To cock the lancing device, hold the body of the lancing device in one hand. Pull the sliding barrel with the other hand. The device is loaded when you feel a click and the load confirmation window turns red.
  7. Place the device against the pad of the finger. Press the release button. Wait a few seconds for a blood drop to form. Apply the blood sample to the narrow end of the test strip till the meter beeps. See instructions for the First Canadian Health SPIRIT meter and First Canadian Health SPIRIT Test Strips.


I love what The Spirit meter is doing; it’s so innovative. This opportunity gives us, the Pharmacist, a way to give back to the communities who support our business. I would like to be part of this social movement.
— Dean, Pharmacy Owner, BC