Diabetes Management Products

High quality, easy to use, delivery to your door: SPIRIT products are the best choice for people managing diabetes. Download PDF: Pharmacy and Health Centre Order Form


The First Canadian Health SPIRIT meter is an easy, no-coding meter, which calculates and displays the averages of total test results, pre- and post- meal test results from the last 1 and 14 days. Ideal if you need to test frequently or require alarms to remind you to test at meal times.

SPIRIT Test Strips

Use with the First Canadian Health SPIRIT meters. These strips do not require coding, speeding up and simplifying the testing process. Easy and accurate testing – no coding required. Very small sample of blood (0.5 micro-liters of blood). Rapid test result in less than 5 seconds. Long shelf life (2-year expiry from manufacture date).


First Canadian Health lancets are designed to minimize pain. Being a 33-gauge lancet means they are finer than a 28 or 30 gauge, and therefore, less painful. First Canadian Health 33 gauge lancets may be used with other lancing devices.



This would be a great fit for our program. We have 2 other Health Centers in SK that have Health professionals from a Dietitian, Nurse Practitioners and Diabetes Educator that would be very interested to learn more. We work closely with First Nations and would like to share how we can provide them with a meter that gives back to their communities.
— Emily, Head Nurse Practitioner, SK