About Spirit Pharmaceuticals

SPIRIT Pharmaceuticals

a TCIG Affiliated company

First Canadian Health Management Corporation and Spirit Pharmaceuticals Ltd. have officially launched Spirit Meter, the very first Indigenous-branded blood glucose meter in Canada. Available nationally through a direct-delivery system, the Spirit Meter offers Canadians with diabetes a personal diabetes monitoring option that supports diabetes management programs in our Indigenous communities.


TCIG, located in Winnipeg and representing 130,000 First Nations Manitobans, is the parent company for First Canadian Health Management Corp. and is an affiliated company to SPIRIT Pharmaceuticals.

About Spirit Pharmaceuticals

Why Diabetes Products?

First Nation citizens in Canada are three to five times more likely to have diabetes than non-Indigenous citizens.

We all have a stake in controlling this epidemic. Anyone can buy the Spirit Meter and know that 50 per cent of Spirit Pharmaceuticals’ share of profits from the sale of Spirit testing strips and lancets, will go directly to programs that help educate and control diabetes in Indigenous communities and populations.